Peter Bromwich

Back from Holiday  


We have been on holiday in Turkey for 2 weeks, sailing around the Turkish coast and over to Greece (Simi). Wonderful weather and great sailing. This has meant nothing on the canoe build for a while, so this weekend I spent most of the time doing the job I have been putting off, delaying the build!


I had to line the inside of the boat with fibreglass matt and dab it with unthickened epoxy. It looks really hard and difficult, and I was not disappointed, it was horrible and you end up in a mess very easily with the matt sticking to the brush or roller, then to you, the wall, the ceiling, next doors cat.... Loads of wrinkles and bubbles to try and iron out (literally).


Anyway after about 5 hours I ended up with not too bad a job. Then I taped all the joints in the buoyancy tanks and gave the wood a coat of epoxy. This now completes the inside of the tanks.

fibre glass the inside of the boat

You can see the tape goes transparent when you fill it with epoxy in the picture.. So next is fit the thwart, the tank tops and the rubbing strip (outwales). Really must make to most of the 4 day weekend next weekend (Easter) and see if I can get it up to the point of painting.

fibre glass the inside of the boat

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