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Bottoms Up!



I have not done much on the canoe for a few days now, last weekend we were in London staying at Kat and Adam's flat. We went to see the Lion King on Saturday afternoon then did the "Jack the Ripper" tour of Whitechapel in the evening. Fantastic! Unfortunately I picked up a cold before we went and have not shaken it off yet, so the boat has been neglected this week while I have been wandering about the place feeling sorry for myself. Before we went away to London I flipped the boat over, took off the cable ties and filleted the gaps in the evenings prior to the weekend.

bottom of the canoe using a scraper on bottom of the canoe close up of the seam on the canoe

So having left it for a few days I spent this afternoon scraping off the excess resin using a cabinet scrapper This was something the Video recommended rather than creating dust using sandpaper. Thanks to Jerry and Will who showed me how to put an edge on the scrapper using a file and screwdriver blade while I was away in Lyme Regis. The resin comes off quite easily and you can shave it very nicely and not take any wood off if you use it carefully. So lots to do with the scrapper on the outside and then on the inside this weekend. Then I think the next thing is to make up some more epoxy and fill all the remaining holes - all 400+ made for the cable ties! Got to do both sides and rub it all down and when it has set. Plenty to do!

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