Peter Bromwich

First Expedition


Sun, July 08, 2012 As they say, knowledge is something you gain a few seconds after you really needed it. In the case of the launch last week, it was wheels. Its a jolly long way to carry the canoe to the canal and if Diane and I are going to do this at weekends in the summer then we need to find a better way. Wheels! I did some research on the internet and C-TUG are about the best you can get, so we got those!

C-Tug wheels in action C-Tug wheels in action

I just hated to see Diane struggle, so got her a set of them straight away! What a guy! Off we went on our first proper trip up the canal to Wootton Rivers which is about 3 miles from where we launch her. The C-TUG certainly made light work of getting her to the canal although the mud was pretty deep on the footpath. The canal was just gorgeous, hardly any boats were moving, we paddled silently up the canal with just the ducks for company. When we arrived at Wootton Rivers we stopped and opened the flask of coffee and just lazed about for a few moments hoping someone would come by and say "nice boat" or something like that!

Kennet and Avon canal trip Kennet and Avon canal trip

Anyway, no-one came so we paddled back but went past where we launch to Pewsey Wharf where we stopped under the bridge for a few moments to shelter from the rain. We had a chat with one of the waiters from the local Indian Restaurant, who was out for a walk between the lunch and dinner sittings. He asked how much the boat cost so I was able to brag about building it and he said all the right things, so honour was satisfied and we paddled homeward bound. We are getting used to how she wobbles and its getting a little less frightening. Steering is better and we can keep up quite a nice pace. Probably about 4 miles an hour, so faster than walking pace but not so fast you miss seeing all the wildlife and soak in the lovely views. All in all, a very good outing!

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