Peter Bromwich

I Don't Believe it! Not that Blind Man Again!


Sat, June 30, 2012


So imagine my horror (and language) as the boat falls off the tressels once more and landed on the air compressor, and so damages one of the seat bearers on Saturday morning.  Just as we are about to put the name on the boat. Diane was in the garage at the time and was stoney silent!.

After that it was another repair job, memories again of the blind man running for his life not noticing the earlier repairs, according to Granddad anyway. I wish this flippin blind mad would not run for his life through my garage and keep knocking my boat off the stand and onto the floor!


We carried her out the garage and put her on the lawn so we could put the name on and assess the damage, and take a few photographs.   I put my hand over the damage while we did them!

On the front lawn with her name now in view On the front lawn with her name now in view

I don't care if the blind man running for his life does notice this repair so long as he doesn't keep blundering into the boat!

Another accident Another accident

One last epoxy mix, syringe and clamps before the launch, followed by a quick dab of varnish, baring any further accidents of course!

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