Peter Bromwich

Sailing for the Week  


No more work on the canoe last week as we were sailing on the Solent. We went for the weekend with the Royal Berkshire Yacht Club doing some pontoon bashing and then did a bare-boat charter for the week, just the two of us.


Here is the blog I wrote for the clubs website: Diane and I have sailed for 3 years now, but mostly in the Med and Canaries (Diane is a warm bloodied creature who dislikes the cold). We joined the RBYC to get some sailing experience in the UK and of course meet some people who enjoyed sailing. We did two Solent weekends last year and we booked ourselves onto the” pontoon bashing” weekend.


Then I got an offer by email I could not refuse, so I didn’t! Six hundred quid for five days bareboat charter with Fairview on a 37 Oceanis with heating! So why not do it after the pontoon bashing? Our first week our own in tidal waters. So pontoon bashing completed with Skipper Rob, we picked up “Creme de la Creme” on Sunday night. The chap at Fairview was really helpful and even showed us where the cutlery drawer was (under the chart table), handover after 9am on Monday which was fine with us.

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