Peter Bromwich

The Gaps!

The last couple of days I have been tightening up the zip ties, then snipping them off to pull panels apart just enough so I can get the sanding block in to take off the high points. You start off with a gap like this:
measuring the gaps permagrit tool in action measuring the gaps
Snip off the zip ties and get the sanding block in to take the high spots off so you can zip it back together to get something a bit nearer 2 or 3mm which is acceptable But everywhere you look there are more! And you think 5mm on the bows is not good enough so you fix that... Also where the boards don't butt up nicely, I am fixing one block on one side and another block on the other side with wire between the two to make a sandwich. Then twist the wire and pull the panels together.
closing the gaps measuring the gaps
Eventually I will have fiddled with it enough and I can start fillings the gaps with epoxy to "tack" it together so I can then take off the zip ties and wires. That will be fun, but maybe Friday? Lets see how Thursday goes. Went to Bath Spa Minerva this evening for a relaxing float in the spa waters and cook in the steam rooms. A belated Valentines treat for Diane. We were both so busy me tweaking boats and her making curtains we ended up with a Valentines supper of baked beans on toast and a cup of tea! However the spa today did more good than an hours massage and physio for my neck and shoulder i reckon! If you have never been, I really do recommend it.

The Gaps Narrow!

Another day sanding down the high spots and narrowing the gaps. After about 6 hours I reckon I am ready for epoxy. The bows look like this:
gaps all pulled together
Maybe I am being a bit to critical, but getting it all butted up will save time faring later one. So Diane helped me with the "winding sticks" to make sure the boat is not twisted. Here you lay two "winding sticks" on top of the boat beside the front an rear bulkheads and then step back and make sure they are level.
Winding sticks in action
These are the horizontal bits of wood, if the gap is more on one side then the boat is twisted and with steer to one side! So after much fiddling it looks like the boat is all set up and ready for the start of epoxying tomorrow. Probably the start of many days looking at the plans.

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