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Top Coat


Sat, June 16, 2012


It has been a hard week since the last post. I have been sanding down the inside and outside, it seems, endlessly. During the week I put a coat of undercoat on the outside, filled some holes and bumps that revlealed, then gave it another coat of undercoat.


Today we all went canoeing on the Kennet and Avon at Devizes as a Fathers Day treat. Kat arranged to hire 3 canoes. Diane and I were in one, Kat and Adam in another and Phil and Charlie in the other. The weather almost put us off, but what the heck, we braved the strong gusts, dodged the rain and had a really funny paddle about 2 miles to the Bridge pub at Horton. Nice pub lunch and paddle back to Devizes Marine where we had hired the canoes from. As I am typing this a few hours later Charlie is complaining "My arms feel all stretched!". Must do this again but with my canoe rather than a hired one.

fun on the canal fun on the canal

Adam taking it easy! You can just about make out two canoes further upsteam blocking the canal. Thats our canoe and Phil and Charlie!


So back from the trip, I rubbed down the undercoat and put the first coat of top coat on. This was put on with a roller and flattened off with a brush. Quite hard work. First time I have used this type of paint, spirit based and drys really quickly so you have to work fast and keep a wet edge. The first coat looks pretty good. A bit of dust has landed on it but hey, life!

Top coat drys


Mon, June 18, 2012


I put on the last coat of blue on the outside this evening, having left it for 24 hours and given it a very light sanding with grade 240 paper. Not enough grit to sand the top of a rice pudding, but it got all the rough bits off a treat.


Looking good but lets see what its like when its dry and I can then see all the dull bits, but what the heck, so long as its all the same colour! Next time I get to work on the canoe is Friday so that give it 4 days to completely dry and harden which is a good idea.



Next job is to varnish the inside, so thats next weekend and during the week job. Then launch Sunday 1st July....

Sun, June 24, 2012


The last coat of paint was applied on Monday and left until Friday to really harden off. So over this weekend I have finished sanding down the inside of the boat and fitting the seats which includes shaping the hangers and gluing them on the inside of the boat.


Quite a fiddle but you will hopefully see all this next week after I have varnished the inside and can put everything together again.

varnished insides

Here she is with one coat of varnish. plan is to put 2 more coats on during the week: Tuesday evening Thursday morning Then on Saturday put the seats in and the buoyancy hatches and launch on Sunday!


Diane is worrying about where I store the boat, thinking about places in the garden, but I reckon its fine in the garage! But then I want to build another boat, so that rather scuppers that idea, unless I get a big shed or rent an old barn somewhere...

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